Functional Premixes for Cooked Sausages, Hot dogs, Frankfurters, Wieners and other similar casing cooked products

BSA offers functional ingredients premixes for cooked sausages. BSA products are complete units that include all the essential Functional Ingredients – such as Binders, Phosphates, Antioxidants, Cures etc. Seasonings are optional and can also included as per customer’s requirement. With our units, all that is required is Meat and Water to make perfect Cooked Sausages, Hot Dogs, Frankfurters, Wieners etc. We offer customized seasonings that meets your specific flavor requirements.

Our products impart high functionality to your product ie Perfect bite, Texture, good water / fat binding, exceptional freeze thaw properties, least moisture purge and maximum yield. Our technical support team will also be pleased to make a demo at your production location.


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