Marinade Premixes & Functional Premixes for Tandoori, BBQ, Smoked & Baked Meat Products

No longer do you need to go though cumbersome process to marinade your meats. BSA Marinades premixes are dry powders that are easy to prepare with Water / Yoghurt / Oil, simple to use and give great results. Meat products prepared from BSA Marinades will give you high cooked yields, juicier products. So you spend less time, less money and yet make your customers happy with your products. BSA Marinades can help you to freeze your products and they will not purge water upon thawing.

We can offer a whole range of Tandoori and other traditional Indian marinades from various parts of Indian cuisines as well as western marinades or we can custom make a marinade for you.

If you wish to make a Marinated, Batter coated & Fried Chicken, BSA can also offer a full range of coating system including Predust, Batter and Breading systems to complete your product.

Ask us for a demo and we will be more than happy to arrange it at your production site.


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